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Fleet & Crew

Committed to delivering the best kind of education to all of its students, Topflite Academy is proud to have some of the most seasoned aviation professionals in their faculty.




With each having at least 3000 hours of flying experience both in general aviation and in the airline industry, TopFlite Academy’s roster of instructors is dedicated to imparting their knowledge, technical know-how, and their flying prowess to the next generation of aviators.

Head of Training

Captain Dan, a seasoned CFI with over 3,000 instructional including instrument night flying and airline experience. He has an intensive knowledge about the civil aviation regulations of the Philippines


Chief Flight Instructor

Captain Kirby has 4 years and counting as a flight instructor on the Cessna 152/172 with airline experience. Under his belt he holds a Boeing 777 rating and has logged 4,500 flying hours.


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Our Fleet 

Topflite maintains a select fleet of industry-acclaimed aircraft for our clients’ use. We regularly subject our aircraft to strict maintenance checks and procedures done only by certified industry professionals with years of experience.

2 Cessna 152

Even after thirty years since its long and storied production run has ceased, the Cessna 152 continues to be the quintessential trainer plane for aviation schools all over the world.


Its lightweight but rigid airframe makes it the ideal aircraft for student pilots to feel the basic functions of flight. The simple yet responsive rudimentary controls of the 152 also make it a joy to fly for airmen of any skill level.

Chief Ground Instructor

Capt. Fil Brian, Ground Instructor for 9 years and Flight Instructor for 5 years. With a degree of Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Flying. To share his favorite quote "When one teaches, two learn". Because by learning new things in life that makes us grow. Truly a dedicated educator both in the classroom and in the cockpit. 

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1 Cessna A152 Aerobat

Topflite is also proud to offer the A152, an aerobatic variant of the Cessna 152 with a reinforced airframe and six point safety harnesses for more advanced maneuvers.

Chief IR Simulator Instructor

Sir Levi, a veteran IR ground instructor, with over 14,000 synthetic instructional hours, Respected as one of the best IR instructors in the country.

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2 Cessna 172M

1 Cessna 172P

1 Cessna 172R


The proverbial workhorse of the aviation world, the Cessna 172 is the largest selling aircraft of all time. Its ubiquity makes it a very easy plane to work with and as such has made it the mainstay of general aviation outfits the world over.


The right combination of power and decades-long airframe development has made the 172 a balanced and forgiving aircraft even to lesser experienced pilots. Its inherent stability also makes it the ideal plane for sightseers to get breathtaking aerial views of the surroundings in a more intimate setting.


Included in Topflite’s fleet is the Cessna 172R, one of the latest iterations of the Cessna 172 equipped with the latest in aeronautic and navigation systems.

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